Not-for-profit organisation

A 5.75% increase in
donations in just six months

for a not-for-profit organisation


A not-for-profit organisation in India, working for children’s rights.


Historically, this organisation depended heavily on a few individual donors for funding. An in-house call centre reached out to donors to explain the NGO projects and secure donations.

15% of the funds were allocated for call centre operations, and the remaining were used to run the various child welfare projects.


In recent years, funds gradually started to deplete. As a result, the organisation wanted to expand its donor base.
The goal was to increase funds while reducing dependency on the call centre.


Route 16 started with a long-term approach that online should become the strongest channel for this organisation to procure funds.

With this goal, the website was completely redesigned to reflect the best practices of a user-friendly and secure ecommerce website.

A detailed profile of prospect donors was drawn up and whetted for accuracy.

Sophisticated SEM and SEO campaigns were deployed to draw the attention of people with the highest propensity to make a donation.



  • For every rupee spent, there has been a 5.75% increase in donations, in the first six months of deployment. The focus is to increase this to 1O%.

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