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Every industry has its unique dynamics and challenges.

Route 16 understands the different drivers of customer acquisition and engagement for a range of B2C industries.

We understand that:

  • Traditional brick and mortar businesses like white goods and consumer durables need agile migration and set-up of ecommerce technology and operations.

  • Rich, 36O-degree previews, supported with excellent photographs are critical in customer decision-making for jewelry, fashion and accessories and luxury products.

  • A sound product and pricing strategy for marketplaces is important for most industries including hospitality, consumer durables and kitchen appliances.

  • Sports and fashion brands need to showcase global trends quickly – offline as well as online.

  • The FMCG industry requires agile and accurate product updates, dynamic pricing and attractive ideas for repeat purchasers.

  • Online should leverage the excellent offline presence of brick and mortar retailers with clear and updated store locators.

  • Every industry will have to look at omnichannel as a key strategy for customer experience.

  • Every industry requires quick and simplified discovery of products online.

  • Product knowledge and training of customer support executives is key to customer satisfaction and sales.